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Will a Carnetix CNX-P2140 be enough for me?

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  • Will a Carnetix CNX-P2140 be enough for me?

    I'm piecing together my car PC at the moment and am looking at using the Carnetix CNX-P2140 as the power supply for my laptop and screen. I know very little about the electrical wiring part of the whole thing though, but I am beginning to get the gist of it.

    I am considering using my laptop which is rated at 18-20v on the power adapter and the K301 screen which is rated at Operating voltage : 12VDC (Straight from the site )

    So knowing this, will the Carnetix supply enough power to both the screen and the laptop? has it listed as:

    Jumper selectable main output of +12V/+18.5V/+20V
    Primary output capable of up to 11 amps at +12V (130 watts) or 7.5 amps @ 20V (150 watts)
    Jumper selectable secondary output of +12V/+13.5V or +5V at up to 3 amps (36 or 15 watts)

    but I am not entirely sure of what that means. So the primary jumper appears to hav enough power (20v) to power the laptop and the secondary output seems to have enough as well at (12v) but I just wanted to verify with you guys before I jumped in.



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    It depends on the current draw of each device as well. The carnetix website has a product manual with the max amps that can be provided for each output. So if the max current draw does not exceed the max of the 2140, then you'll be fine.


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      Do you know how I can figure out the current draw? I want to pick up your Carnetix but I just want to make sure it will work fine for me before I jump in. I'm right there.

      Like I said before, I'm still new to the electrical wiring thing.


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        the maximum current output for each device will be listed on it's power brick. you will see something like 20V, 5A. Or maybe 20V, 80W. If it's in watts, simply divide the watts by the voltage to get amps: 80W / 20V = 4A. On the screen it may be listed on the back of the screen itself instead of the power supply. Also make note of the polarity of the barrel plug for each device. It will denote whether the inside is positive and outside is negative (which is usually the case) or vice versa. You will need to know this in order to properly hook up your 2140 to the power for each device. And in all honestly, you need to know the basics about current draw, voltage, fusing, and polarity if you want to wire up a car pc. It's not very difficult, but if you don't know what you are doing you can blow everything. So make sure someone is with you or get someone to teach you, or read up on the forums enough where it all makes sense.


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          To be more precise, my power adapter is the PA165001, which is connectd to my gateway MX8738.

          The adapter's specs are as follows:
          Input: 110V-240V
          Output: 19V, 3.42A 4.74A


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            the max output at 20V is 7.5A so looks like you will be ok