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  • Just a quick idea going through my head

    What sort of current drain does a typical ATX pc draw?? for example... will a 200w intelligent 12v psu power a normal ATX desktop system?? Maybe i should include the specs of what I intend to use:

    Dual Core 2.0ghz
    2gb DDR400 RAM
    DVD R/W
    Geforce FX 8600 GTS Graphics (maybe change as i know it's a big drain on power)
    USB Wifi dongle
    USB Bluetooth dongle

    I'm by no means a total newbie to the world of electronics / pc's, but i am fairly new to the idea of 12v power supply

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    there is no "typical" power draw, some PCs use less than 50watts, others use over 500watts.

    when determining the power requirements of a PC, there is no difference between a standard home (110v/220v AC) ATX PSU and a car (12v DC) ATX PSU. they both output the same voltages (+12v -12v +5v +5vSB +3.3v). whether using a home PSU or car PSU the same basic rule still applies; the PSU's total output wattage is a useless rating when determining the power needs of your system. you need to determine the current draw on the individual voltage rails (mainly the +12v and +5v rails).

    this FAQ has some good info as well as a link to a CPU electrical spec chart where you can find out your processor's power draw.

    you can find the amperage ratings for each DC-DC PSU in the mp3car store under the "technical specs" tab (under the product picture).
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