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Simple 12v regulator question

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  • Simple 12v regulator question

    I want to build a simple 12v regulator for my led setup. The led's are all setup for an automotive application but i want to add the regulator just to be on the safe side. I am using a 7812 Voltage regulator and 1N001 diode the make the current one way. My question is should i place the diode before, after, or before and after the regulator. Thanks

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    You shouldn't use a 7812 to regulate a car battery/alternator. That regulator needs at least 12 + 3v at the input in order it to regulate 12v. If you really want to use a regulator you should go for a 7808 instead (8v version) but if all your LEDs are already set up for a 12v system you don't need a regulator. Though if you want a diode for protection you can add that to the +ve of the LEDs (make sure you connect the diode the right way).

    If you want to add a diode to a regulator, add it before the reg!


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      go to and do a search there, i built a dual voltage 12/5v to run my dvd with instructions from there.


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        Checked out that site and found what i needed, that site is awsome but i just thought of an easier idea im gonna just take a cheap car charger that provides 12v consistently and hack that up throw my diode before it. problem solved thanks