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How should I mount my power supply?

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  • How should I mount my power supply?

    I just bought an Opus 360W PSU from their website (for $40 less than the mp3car store sells the 320W! This needs to be adjusted in the store!) and I've got a problem, they don't make an enclosure kit for it, and it won't fit in my computer case... I also have no access to the tools/supplies necessary to make my own. From what I can tell, it has the same dimensions as the 320W (7.44" x 3.84" x 0.72"), but I can't seem to find an enclosure kit for that either. So does anyone know if there is an enclosure kit for the 320W/360W? Or is there some other way I can mount this that won't short it out? Should I just put the board on motherboard spacers and bolt it under the dash? Help!

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    Originally posted by mrpeenut24 View Post
    Should I just put the board on motherboard spacers and bolt it under the dash? Help!
    yes, that's a great idea to use metallic or rubberized motherboard spacers. If under the dash suits you, then make sure that no exposed dangling ground wires will come in contact with the board to create a short circuit. I put mine in the glove box mounted vertically with said spacers, and plastic washers.

    Mounting it upside down would have been a better solution because it would prevent any metallic object from resting on the pcb. But it's much more difficult to make any adjustments in that position, so just set the jumpers the way you plan on using the psu, then mount up.
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      Although not quite the exact same thing, I made a custom mount for a GPU cooler awhile back, and obviously couldn't use motherboard risers. What I ended up doing was just going to Home Depot and buying some hardware to mount it, my local store had the perfect sized beveled allen head bolts, along with some tiny rubber washers to put on the top and bottom of the PSU to prevent conductivity.