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Wire & fuse size for 360W psu?

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  • Wire & fuse size for 360W psu?

    What size wire should I use for the Opus 360W psu? The psu itself uses 3x16awg wires for 12v input. I've got a 12awg solid copper cable (used for wiring houses) that I'm planning on using, but I'm not sure if it'll be enough. Also, what size fuse should I put in line with the battery? I've seen 20A for 150W, but I haven't seen anything said for any higher. The psu has a 30A fuse onboard; should I just use another one of those? Is there a good way to tell what size wire for what amperage, and what amperage for total input; or is it all just guess & check? Thanks.

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    You should go with the same size fuse that is on the PSU, maybe a little bit smaller if you don't plan on using the psu's full potential.

    For wire size look at the 12 volt table here:
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      I am using an 8Guage wire with that psu. Nevertheless, the wire rating calls for the use of a 10guage wire @ 8feet in length maximum, or 8 gauge @ 15 feet of wire max.
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        Perfect! Thanks Paul.

        For thread preservation, the suggested wire gauge is 10awg @ 8 feet, 8awg @ 15 feet.

        beat me to it dmand ;-)