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M1-ATX or M2-ATX?

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  • M1-ATX or M2-ATX?

    Dear all,hello!

    I have managed to track down and purchase one of each as both were very good prices.

    Now I need to decide which one to use, particularly when it comes to 5V output.

    System consists of :-

    Fujitsu Seimens D1170 MOBO
    Intel Celeron 1GHz CPU
    CPU Fan
    512MB RAM as 2 256MB sticks
    Matrox Mystique PCI Video Card (MOBO vga disabled)
    Seagate 3.5" 60GB PATA100 HDD
    Generic PCI 4 port USB2 card to connect the following

    my concern comes with all of the 5V USB stuff though.....

    USB DVD drive (draws 3 amps! connect ed via hub to USb PCI card)
    4 way Powered USB hub, with power from ATX PSU connected to USb PCI card
    USB Webcam connected to USb PCI card
    USB Touchscreen overlay (connected directly to MOBO USB socket)
    USB Thumbpad connected to USB PCI card
    USB IBUS interface (Car2PC) connected to USb PCI card
    USB 4GB memory stick connected to Hub
    USB FM Radio stick connected to PC USB socket
    USB Bluetooth stick connected to Hub
    USB to Nokia Phone modem cable for GPRS download (connected directly to MOBO USB socket)
    USB to Ipod connection connected to Hub

    Having sourced 2 PSUs I now don't want to fry one by "try it and see" testing.

    The M1-ATX gives more 5V current than the M2-ATX but will its other (12V) voltage outputs be OK?

    Many Thanks in advance for reading and replies........


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    why not use both use the m2 for the pc and use the m1 for your external devices

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      Thought of this, howvere not enough space up front to put the additional PSU.
      It is "only" a MINI remember....


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        The USB devices need to be connected to the computer to be accessed, Not just a powered usb hub/port... The computer will require the bigger psu.

        If you run the USB devices on the spare PSU, how will they connect data wise to the computer. You can create some custom usb cables that run the data lines to the PC and the power lines to the spare PSU... But that is the only option like that other wise you could get a powered USB hub but most use a 240 to 9/12v stepdown transformer.

        Have a look at this page for the pinouts, Its fairly easy todo this mod.. Just make sure both the spare PSU is on first.
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          All of the USB devices will be connected to the PC, some via the powered USB hub others directly as described.
          I don't plan to run the USB devices off the spare PSU, I need to know which one will work.
          My concern is that I will run out of 5V current.......