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Relay to turn on LCD with ACPI signal

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  • Relay to turn on LCD with ACPI signal

    I want to turn on my lcd automatically when the computer is turned on (it isn't like the lilliput where it turns on automatically when it gets power). I've got the the ACPI signal from the P1900 going to the ACPI on the computer and that works fine. Can I use a relay by tapping into the ACPI loop to momentarily close the circuit for the LCD's power button? If so, what relay size do I get? I measured the ACPI on the computer and it is 5 vdc and .15 amps (I don't know if that is standard for ACPI, so I mention it just in case). Will the SPST relay at the link below work?
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    Well if the computer's power button voltage is 5V, then you would need a relay that can be energized with 5V.


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      Alright, well there is another at radioshack that has the following specs. So the relay is energized at 5 v but it says the operating voltage is 3.5. Is that referring to the voltage that can be supported by the switched circuit (in this case, the power button to the LCD)? The voltage across the lcd power button is 5 v, so will it be ok since the max application voltage rating is 8 v?

      * Type: OMR-112H
      * Application: UL E822922
      * Rated coil voltage: 5 VDC (at 20XXXC)
      * Operating voltage: 3.5 VDC (at 20XXXC)
      * Release voltage: 0.5 VDC (at 20XXXC)
      * Maximum applicable voltage: 8 VDC (at 20XXXC)

      What's in the box

      * 1 x compact 5VDC/1A SPST reed relay


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        If both the computer power button and the lcd power button is the same, then I think you can probably just tap into the ACPI and feed that to your LCD.