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A few questions on a power system.

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  • A few questions on a power system.

    I'm not completely new to to this but I have never done a setup quite like I'm attempting this go around. Any suggestions you guys have to reach the following would be appreciated. Links would also be helpful.

    Here're my goals are for this setup.
    I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee.

    1: Dual battery setup with isolator.
    I've been looking around and found that the isolator will charge the battery that needs it most without making the system a 24v system. Keeping a reserve battery if the main one ever dies.

    2: Some sort of battery metering.
    I know there are voltage meters, and amp hour meters. I'm not sure if the amp-hour meter is what I'm looking for. I want to be able to estimate how much battery life I have in each battery. Is there a meter that will tell me how many minutes are left on the battery before it dies, or loses voltage?

    3: I'm putting a 2,000 watt inverter in as well. This will connect to the secondary battery. This ties in with knowing when the battery gets low, so i can start the car and charge the battery.

    4: I also want to try and keep this as cheap as possible. I already have a second battery and the inverter.

    Again thanks for any advise and help.

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    I am currently looking into this myself and came across National Luna's Kit, a South African firm but the products are so good they're International.

    1 + 2 can be found here There's a choice to be made on the installation. It sounds like the portable power pack is right it has a meter but a dual power meter can be brought seperately/later to give more functionality.

    The portable power pack would suit you (full kit), and me if I hadn't ran all the cabling already + Inverter, so I think I will get the Dual Battery Isolator and one the two type's of dual batt monitor (recessed for dash mount, prob not this one).

    4 = this isn't cheap but should be foolproof. If you buy the power pack you can probably put the inverter in the 50A output as it has three output's, two on 15A fuse, the other on a 60A fuse.

    I guess you would need:

    Equipt Expedition Outfitters

    1173 East 100 South
    Salt Lake City
    United States

    Tel: 866 703 1026
    Fax: 801 531 1237

    There are two supplier's in the UK: APB and footloose in the UK.
    APB (in stock)
    portable power pack = 245 + vat (needs batt 80, recommended deep cycle one)
    Dual Battery Isolator = 50 + vat
    Dual Battery Monitors = 75 + vat
    Do it Yourself Kit controller = 190 + vat

    I haven't been able to get through to the guy about prices at footloose.


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      What are you ultimate goals?
      Are you looking to make a generator from components you already own?

      After our ice storm in December I thought about this kind of setup providing power to my house for heat and one or two low wattage lights. My plan was to use my 400watt inverter to energize a branch in the garage which would in turn power the oil fired furnace. Then use a basic stamp microcontroller to monitor battery voltage and start the car before it got critically low. Run for 30 minutes then kill it.