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Powering a 3.5” Hard drive

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  • Powering a 3.5” Hard drive

    Hello to all

    Can someone help me, I wish to power a 3.5" IDE hard drive form a car bat, I don’t want to use an inverter.

    I don’t want an onboard computer just want to power the hard drive this will then be linked up to the car stereo, at present I am using a inverter, but I want to come away from this, seems silly to use an inverter! Being as the car bat is 12V and the hard drive uses 12V +5V.

    There must be some way of doing this. Can anyone help?


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    You can use a P1900 from Carnetix to do this, but its overkill.

    Since you've already got it working with an inverter, I won't suggest combinations that use old ATX power supplies or external enclosures.

    A DIY option is to use LM317T linear regulators to output the power you need. Two in parallel will probably handle the needs of the drive (not sure, though -you'd need to check the power consumption of the drive). You can probably do the whole thing for $10 or $15 in parts.
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