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12V out on opus go boom

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  • 12V out on opus go boom

    So I get my nice new opus into my car. Its in there for about a week then my screen decides it doesnt want to turn on anymore. i take it out look at it and fixed it, ribbon had came off. I got to put it back in and the power cable wasnt fitting in nicely so when i start up the car i hear a "fizzt" pull power on everyting and asses damage.

    it apperas as tho the FB4 chip, which i am assuming to be a ferrite bead, seems to have sizzled and chard the board.

    I then fix the problem that i had with the monitor and retest everything. and it appears as tho the opus still works fine just i have no regulated 12v out. i plug in my old power cables that runs through a 4 pin HD molex connector and the monitor now turns on however makes a flickering type pattern.

    is the monitor dead or not getting enough/clean power. and anyone know what i can do to fix my opus(ie what is the part# of FB4 so i can re-solder it.)