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  • last piece needed!

    im really lost as to what power supply to get here. I read a bunch of the stickies and threads describing what ps to get but just dont know which route to go here.

    my setup is going to consist of

    micro atx motherboard
    1.25 gb RAM
    2.4 ghz processor
    40gb HD
    no cd\dvd drives
    usb sound card
    xenarc 700id flipout monitor
    usb mouse
    and possibly a few other usb devices

    software will consist of
    windows xp pro sp2
    maybe some emulators

    original power supplys specs:
    AC input: 100-127/220-230v-,6/3A,60/50Hz
    DC output: 200watts
    (+3.3v & +5v=105W Max

    some input would be awesome

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    the capacity of the original PSU is really irrelevant... You need to figure out how much the system actually consumes if you want to the get the smallest compatible psu possible.

    Otherwise just go with an Opus 180w... or if you want more room to play go with the Opus 250w or the M4... I prefer the Opus but its a matter of preference and money.


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      ok so i used extreme power supply calculator on the web
      and it gave me a suggested psu of 144 watts

      micro atx desktop mobo
      intel celeron 2.6 ghz cpu
      2 sticks of ddr ram (1.25gb)
      1 3.5" IDE 5400rpm HDD
      no drives
      and 7 usb devices

      my question is will i be safe with the DSX12vd 140w psu or should i bump it up to the M2 ATX 160w psu? also whats the difference between the M2 ATX HV and the M2 ATX 160 w psu?