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remote turn-on from m2-atx -> relay -> monitor

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  • remote turn-on from m2-atx -> relay -> monitor

    Any of you fine folks know _exactly_ when the remote turn on from the M2-ATX goes on and off, relative to windows? I am powering my lilliput off the 12v output, but want to try and avoid the myriad flashing and multiple screens (bios/boot/welcome) when windows comes up, and the shutdown screen when it goes down, by running the 12v through a relay switched by the remote line.

    Anyone done that?
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    Mine is slightly delayed from the power off a USB hub which turns on just before the Windows welcome/resume screen. You could use a small 5V relay and a hacked USB cable.

    If you have a lighted hub or USB device with an LED you can find out easily when it turns on and off. Or connect a relay to the M2-ATX output and listen.