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  • advice on homemade psu

    hi all.

    im currently doing a worklog called project tightwad - because i want to try to install a laptop into my car without spending any cash and using existing parts i have in my garage.
    so the first thing - i have a sony laptop, which i thought was 12v...great! until i realised i had the wrong power brick in my hand
    as it turns out, the sony is 19.5v what i wanted to do was see if i could make a 12v-19.5v psu....out of bits i already have.
    could anyone with tech knowledge please provide me with a simple diagram of what i would need to make the psu?
    i know its quite a lot to ask, and there are psus on the market relatively cheap, thats not the issue...i WANT to do everything i can myself.
    im sure that all the components i need will be in kit i have too, or i may be able to frankenstein one from something....just i dont know where to start

    so...please if anyone has the time, i would be massively thankful, and of course you get full recognition in worklogs etc for the input/help


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    I think your best bet would be a good google for a circuit.. It just needs to be a 12v DC Transformer circuit
    2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup