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    So I have a headunit previously installed in my truck. I have an M2 and I am about to run my 12 volt switched line. Now on my head unit I already have the remote wire split 3 times to go to my 3 amps. Is it gonna cause a problem if I cut into it at another section to add he M2's acc line or is there a better solution?

    Truck is a 2004 f150!

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    It should be fine, they all use really low power on the remote line. If it doesnt work though, you can just add a relay instead.
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      you might look into putting a secondary power block somewhere in a convenient spot. I have mine in a waterproof box, screwed to the firewall. I have a 4ga wire running directly from the battery to the block, then it has 6 seperate outputs.

      I use one for each amp, and 1 each for the strobe paks that i am running. Works great.


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        Ok so its not turning on. . .

        The headunit and all amps work though but the motherboard did not power up! Do yall think it is the powersupply not getting enough power to signal on?
        The light lit up on the motherboard however the fans never started and I dont really have anyway to turn it on unless the power supply turns the mb on! I did pick up a push button switch so do I need to put that on?