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a few questions about M2-ATX

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  • a few questions about M2-ATX

    Hello, a few questions about M2-ATX

    1) When connect 12+ cable to battery from M2-ATX i'm guessing that i'll need a fuse in there as close to the battery a possible? what amp fuse would I need?

    2) What is the name of or what type of connectors are used for RMT/LED/SWITCH/MOTHERBOARD ON? look like a fan (PC) connection, but just two wires.

    3) How many volts does the remote connection give out? as my amp needs 9v minimum, tested this on the amp as well.


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    1 - Yes, use a fuse. 15A or 20A should be fine. You really should learn to calculate amperage draw to determine your own fuse needs.

    2 - Look in the manual fr our motherboard. Different manufacturers label them differently, but it is a 2-pin header, much like the pins that accept a jumper.

    3 - Don't know, but probably 12v with very low amerage.
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