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M4-ATX and Carnetix P2140 Help!

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  • M4-ATX and Carnetix P2140 Help!

    I ordered a M4-ATX from you guys with overnight shipping and just recieved it. I also have a Carnetix p2140. My goal is to have the computer power on when i unlock the car. I cant seem to figure out what i need to do? Can i do this with either the m4-atx or the p2140 or do i need both connected to make this work? Can it be done? It is a regular Atx mobo.

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    The simplest solution (ideally) would be to trigger a relay that in turn will close the circuit to the ACC wire on the M4-ATX.

    You can't use both the P2140 and M4-ATX at the same time....hmmmm....I guess you can if you really wanted to, but the only way I see you using the P2140 right now (without blowing it up) is in the same way you would use a relay. Between the P2140 and a relay in your case I'd pick a relay.

    Here's a couple of threads on it already:

    -Do you have a car alarm tied to your key fob?
    -Do you have a key fob or you manually lock/unlock your car?
    -When do you want your computer to turn off?
    -What happens when you unlock your car? (Dome light comes on, turn signals flash, your car sings, etc...)