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Fuse not large enough?

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  • Fuse not large enough?

    Good Morning!
    I have my computer up and running with a ton of kinks. One of these kinks is in regards to the Opus 360 PSU that I have installed. I use an add a circuit to tap into a 30amp fuse in my dash. I used a 25amp fuse to output from the add-a-circuit to my IGN line that controls the PC.

    My Opus 360 powers the standard 4gb, 2.8ghz innards as well as my Lilliput 629(connected via 4 pin molex). I have my 2 amplifiers & HD radio turned on by Remote 1 & 2 from the computer.

    Everything will work great until I turn off the car. On the next ign ON, it's a crap shoot whether or not the PC will turn on. Lately, I have been getting the steady 1 flash off of the OPUS every ten seconds. This means the "battery" is too low. If I simply remove the add a circuit and re-insert it, the PC will boot up fine. The fuse is obviously not blown as it does work when I reseat it in the fuse panel.

    I started with a 10 amp & 15 amp fuse which both ended up blown. I haven't encountered that with the 25 amp fuse YET.

    What exactly is wrong with my setup?
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    Just to be clear, you are using the add-a-circuit thing ONLY for IGN line of the Opus and NOT for the constant +12v correct?
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      The only item on that add-a-circuit is one wire connected to the IGN wire which leads to a valet switch and then on to the PSU. The ign wire I used is RED from my opus 360. I doubt if I had messed that up and used the wrong wire, that the PC would even turn on.

      I appreciate the reply!
      Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

      2002 Mustang CarPC


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        Originally posted by Archy88 View Post
        ...What exactly is wrong with my setup?
        You should really be pulling a new line from the battery to your power supply, then a separate line from the fuse box to the ignition. You shouldn't pull from your fuse box.

        You'll want good clean power from battery to the OPUS prior to troubleshooting this any further. It is very likely even though the fuse is not blown, that it is causing your problem.

        Your first post sounds like you're powering from the fuse box, second post didn't clear it up any for me.

        Where is your OPUS getting the positive connection from?
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          Here is an illustration of my current setup...The PSU receives its power from a distribution block(labeled in the first imaged, detailed in the second). I shouldn't be drawing anything more than a signal from my fuse block...or at least I hope I am not lol

          Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

          2002 Mustang CarPC