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Most reliable power supply?

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  • Most reliable power supply?

    Hi all,

    Basically i have an M2-ATX, which is proving to be very erractic. When the car is hot (under direct sunlight for a few hours), the M2 either doesn't shut the PC down when ignition is switched off, or it starts the PC even when I am nowhere near it!!

    Because of it my car battery has been flat for a few times and I have had to call breakdown service...

    So, I want to replace the M2-ATX with something more reliable. Any recommendation please?


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    Sounds like something else is wrong, but those that dont like the M1/M2/M3/M4 usually go to the Opus brand happy.
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      i had the m4, it was a lemon, i purchases the dsatx and have been quite happy.

      has a lot of monitoring capabilites that will help preserve ur battery

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        I've been using an Opus for over 6 months now, from freezing temps to >100F, no problems yet.

        I have a switch connecting 12V to the ignition terminal of the opus so I can turn the computer on without having to start the car, or leave the computer running after turning off the engine (for quick stops). I've accidentally left it on overnight a few times, but the opus always did a great job of sensing when the battery was low and shut the computer down, with just enough juice on the battery to start the car again.


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          DSATX gets my vote, opus is good too, but too big, and software isn't as intuitive.