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Convert 19VDC to 12VDC & 5VDC

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  • Convert 19VDC to 12VDC & 5VDC

    I'm a consultant and carry around a little usb gadget for data recovery or transfer from hard drives.
    Problem is power for desktop drives.
    The adapter came with a 110VAC to Molex converter which is rated 2 amps.
    But it's bulky, ugly and a pain to carry along with a standard PC power supply cord.

    I thought of an idea tonight, my laptops power supply throws out 19VDC.
    So if I could come up with a nice neat circuit to give me a 12V and 5V lead I'd be all set.

    Anyone have an diagrams handy? lol
    Normally I'd be happy to experiment but not at the cost of a hard drive lol



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    Or less watts and less $$$$
    My 2007 Yukon XL setup.


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      Or look up diagrams using 7805 and 7812 Linear voltage regulators if you are handy with electronics yourself.


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        Thanks guys. That little PSU looks cool but not 60 bucks worth lol ;p

        So I found this digram simple enough but it's only designed for 100ma

        So I guess I'll build 2 circuits one board that share a single input, one 12V and one 5V.
        I found some 7812's and 7805's which are both rated for 1.5A.

        Just one more question
        This is the parts list for 100ma:
        100 uF electrolytic capacitor, at least 25V voltage rating
        10 uF electrolytic capacitor, at least 6V voltage rating
        0.1 uF ceramic or polyester capacitor

        I know I need a regulator and heatsink big enough
        But do i have to change those capacitor values for higher amperage?