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Idot warning: use 2.5" drive w/ 60w dc-dc psu

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  • Idot warning: use 2.5" drive w/ 60w dc-dc psu

    Hey I have to briefly use my epia M9000 for a desktop use (demo of project), so I got a idot case & 60w psu.

    I see on the site they say "use only 2.5" hard disk drives, not 3.5"

    From what I have read on this board a 3.5 should just barely work.. as long as Im not also using a cdrom or floppy or anything.

    I also have an opius, and I was thinking of installing it in the case..... but I dont seem to have enough space. If I took the opius out of its metal case I could so it, but it would be under 1cm from the itx board, and about that far from the hard drive, and I wouldnt want to burn my mobo or drive out.

    I was thinking about
    - getting a second ITX centronics psu...
    - getting an external hard drive case, and using the power supply to power the hard drive only.

    That would work... but it would be nice to not have to buy more junk.. On the other hand, I dont want my computer to fail for lack of power while I am doing this demo.... any comments?
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    only way to know is to try it

    Try the 3.5" HDD with the power supply and see if it crashes. Try loading the system down pretty heavy--lots of disk activity and run some CPU intensive program. If it doesn't crash, you should be OK as long as nothing overheats.

    Your only other option is to go to a 2.5" HDD like they say, or use a separate PS for the HDD.

    Just my 2 cents.



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      a number of us have just those components and have gotten it in the case no problem. I did it myself.. I'd post some photos, but it's stuffed under my seat right now.
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