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Power Cable - What AWG?

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  • Power Cable - What AWG?

    I'm looking at running a power cable to the boot of the car to provide enough power for a 160watt PSU and an Amp to power my factory Ford speakers (for the time being)... I will be upgrading the door speakers to something like 120w speakers at somepoint and would like to 'future proof' the cable I lay down for the 12v supply to the boot.

    From my calculations the cable for the PC only would be near 14amps (12v 160w) which would be around a 10AWG cable (over the length of the car) going by the FAQ.

    Am I correct in my thinking? Thanks!

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    You might need to do a bit of conversion to/from metric units, but this link tells you how to size cable based on the cable length and current requirement:

    so plug 14 amps into the formula quoted in the link:

    To determine cable size you must know:

    The total conductor length,
    The current that the cable will carry,
    The permissible voltage drop (0.36 volts is fine for most 12 volt purposes, 0.72 for 24 volts).

    From that it is possible to work out conductor size in sq mm as follows.

    Length in metres x current in amps x 0.017/conductor size in sq mm = voltage drop.
    Here are some conversions to get you going...
    3.28 feet = 1 metre
    1 inch = 25.4 mm
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      Recommended Power and Ground Cable Sizes @