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    New guy~ I build alot of comps for friends and family and also enjoy fixing broken laptops off creagslist and ebay so i am farily comfortable with the idea of car pc I also was big into car audio, sooo I really think this site RULES

    Now I figure a good start for my system is the PSU and after reading a bit it seems the opus is a wise choice? Could i get some feed back on this psu please?

    I plan on powering ; 10.4 shark TS for sure, a 754mobo with mobile 1.6ghz cpu, 1gb ram to start(spare parts), with plans of a dual core atom with 9400m igp, 160GB sata 2.5 drive, dvd slimline drive. Parts not set in stone as i havent read up on much yet except the psu's but for a baseline for power needs

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    If your build fits within the power output of the OPus 180, then yes, it's a good choice.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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