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Shuttle P62 PSU Question

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  • Shuttle P62 PSU Question

    According to the website from shuttle, it says that there is an internal DC - DC converter on the PSU (also has the 6 plug setup). I was wondering if any of you have used this PSU on your builds and if this is an alternative to PSU's such as OPUS and the one's from Minibox (for Shuttles, of course, not talking about other computer setups).

    The PSU is called PC62 and this is the pdf that I found it at (from google searchs)

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post and I also hope I'm in the correct section for this type of question. A lot of you are way ahead of me on these things and I hoped a think tank such as you all could help a wet behind the ears newbie. Thank you in advance!

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    Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

    This is the correct place and your first post is well worded.

    The PS seems a reasonable solution but I do not have personal experiance with it. Mostly I do not like fan less solutions and would add at least a small fan to improve airflow.

    I suggest adding up your power draw on each voltage rail to see if this PS will meet your needs. I glanced at the pdf you linked to and do not recall if it gives that detail.

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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!


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      welcome to the site!

      i beleive i have seen someone else comment/use something similar, the biggest problem is that you would still need extra equipment to make it work-- either a inverter and a startup/shutdown controller, or hack up the power cable, and use a startup/shutdown controller and a 12 volt regulator as the source. in a car environment(voltages vary from 8-15 volts dc), there is no way to use that power supply without extra parts(though it is possible if you really needed to).
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