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    Well I've been going around and around, maybe someone here can help me.

    I have a carputer that I've installed into my 2000 Ford Mustang.

    It is powered from a modified cigarette lighter power source. The power then goes into 1) the power switch and 2) a 12v Sealed Lead Acid battery.

    From there, the power goes into my Wide-Voltage picoPSU.

    The thing runs GREAT, except for the fact when I turn my car on, the carputer shuts off!

    Can someone offer any suggestions?

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    I do not fully understand the setup-- do you have it setup to be triggered by the cig lighter, or powered by both the cig lighter and 12v battery?

    also, are you powering the computer on before you turn the car on? my car is setup so that all the acc. circuits loose power while starting the car, so if i were to start my carputer by putting the key in the acc position, when i go to start the car, the computer will shut down.
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      A "modified" cigarette lighter power source? Explain.


      1 - Don't use the cigarette lighter as a power source for the PC.

      2 - Don't use a PicoPSU.

      3 - Explain your wiring in much better detail. Include where the +12v, GND and ACC or IGN line from the PicoPSU go. Battery? Chassis (for gorunds)? Ignision-controlled circuit? You didn't use a line?

      4 - Use a multimeter to measure the voltage on the three lines into the PSU (+12v, GND and ACC/IGN) with the ignition on and the ignition off.

      5 - List the specs of the PC hardware. The hardware could be more than the PIcoPSU can handle.
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