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Please help with connecting PSU to car

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  • Please help with connecting PSU to car

    I have pretty much setup my PC for the most part. The part that is most confusing to me is connecting the PSU to the battery.

    I have an M2 ATX PSU from Mini-box with a VOOM PC2 case. The chord that I guess hooks up to the car is the following:

    The J1, J3, and J4 are on the PSU, and the case has the connector that attaches to those... then outcomes the chord in the image... but there are like 6 connectors. Either I have the wrong idea of which chords connects to the PC, or something is missing here.

    I was also told I may not have to hookup directly to the car battery under the hood, but then all the examples I am seeing seem to indicate that you must. This is making me feel more and more stupid. Any help (explaining like you were explaining to a complete newb) is appreciated... I'm getting frustrated! Everyone here makes it sound so simple!!