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Computer Shutting down seconds after bootup = Not enough juice from PSU?

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  • Computer Shutting down seconds after bootup = Not enough juice from PSU?

    I've got a new motherboard/cpu/ram combo, and now it appears that the M1-ATX that i was using for my Via EPIA M10000 Mobo, doesn't have enough power for the new setup.

    When the compter boots up running off the M1-ATX, it will boot up and then within about 10 seconds of it boot (hardly gets past the POST screen) it shuts down and then automatically starts up again... and loops...

    The computer works fine on the 240W AC PSU I have so thats why i suspect its the M1-ATX not having enough wattage....

    Now I'm tossing up between the M2-ATX and the M4-ATX (only thing that is really holding me back atm from the M4 is possibly the dimensions, I've got to check if it would fit in my case tomorrow). Any thoughts or suggestions if i shouldn't be looking at the M4???

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    I had a similar problem with the M4. It turned out to be the wire that goes to the ACPI power leads on the mobo. The M4 was 'closing' the connection just like you would if you pushed the power switch on the computer case. However, it was never releasing the connection, which forces a hard shutdown of your computer if you do that.

    Try this - remove the wire from the ACPI connection. Substitue a momentary contact switch from a computer case and just press the button briefly to get the computer to start. If it starts and boots without looping, you'll know the problem is with the M1.

    If you don't have a switch, you can simply bridge the connections with a short piece of wire or a screwdriver. Just be careful not to short any adjacent pins or stuff inside the computer.

    The solution to the M4 problem was a new M4, by the way. I'd recommend something besides an M4 like a DSATX.
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      yeah usually behavior like this implies its either the power switch cable is in the wrong polarity or your psu does not have enough power. The M1 is pretty weak psu, so I highly suspect you don't have enough juice. I'd say give it some investigation but at the same time think about your next psu.


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        Well I've just measured the spot that I currently have the M1-ATX, and it won't be wide enough to fit the M4-ATX there... I could put it in the spot where PCI cards would go, but I think i want to leave that empty for when I get a PCI graphics card, and PCI sound card for when Centrafuse supports Dual-Zone...

        So if I want to stick with my current case I'll have to stick with the M2-ATX it appears... I would like the M4-ATX, as the USB connection to the computer with voltages would be nice.

        Anyone got any idea how much power usage the following have: Axiomtek SBC86807 Mini-ITX with Pentium M 1.8Ghz uses, as well as 2.5" PATA HDD, a couple of USB devices, and I would like to run the Lilliput EBY-701 off the computer power supply as well, so it has a nice clean power source...


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          m2 should be sufficient for your setup.


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            I've heard nothing but problems with the M4. I'd suggest the dsatx if u want more power than the m2. I use an m2 with my core 2 duo setup and it works just fine. I have about 5 USB devices on that supply plus my monitor and two harddrives.
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