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Calculating RMS wattage

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  • Calculating RMS wattage

    I have a power supply that draws up to 185 watts. I also have an amp ordered which can output 100 watts per channel, and it has 4 channels. What is the RMS wattage of this setup? Is it 585 watts, or are the amp outputs of a "different" sort of wattage? I don't really know how to phrase this any better... but what I'm asking effectively is is it the same terminology but with a different meaning between amp watts and RMS watts?

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    car amps are all over the place on ratings, so there would not be any way for anyone to give you a accurate measurement of it, unless the amp was cea certified-- all of it would be guesses. most amp outputs are rated with 14.4 volts, cheap brands have rated amps with as high as 24 volts, which would normally void the warranty, but they use this to make it appear that it is a better deal than it really is (24 volt input would make the amp seem 2x's more powerful on paper-but would never work in real life for more than a couple minutes).

    becasue so many companies have skewed the term of what a watt really is(though, if you are using a cea certified amp, it will truly be putting out what the specs say), the easiest way to determeine the max load would be to add up the fuses.
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      Edit; sorry misread the question.


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        Thanks. I'll try adding up the fuse ratings once my amp arrives (should be any day now...).