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few final questions before i hook everything up!

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  • few final questions before i hook everything up!

    i have never been all that good at understanding power and what not so just wanted to check a few final things out before i hook my system up!

    1. i plan to power my liliput from the cig lighter. thankfully i have got access to behind the panel for the lighter and hence have found the wire that runs to the lighter socket. i am going to splice this wire and connect to the cig lighter adaptor for the liliput. there are obviously two wires that go to the cig lighter and does it matter which way i hook these up on the liliput input? i believe there is a red and black wire and can't seem to match that up on the liliput PSU so can anyone help?

    2. i am planning on putting an amp/sub in the trunk of my car. can i run the power cable from the battery into this amp and then run it out of the amp and into my car pc? i have got the M2-ATX PSU. i also plan to do the same with the earth and the ignition

    thanks a lot if you can help!

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    1. use a multi meter to find out the polarity
    a. ignition -> M2-ATX(J3) | M2-ATX(J6) -> Amp/Sub(remote)

    battery -> fuse --> distribution block-(fused) -> Amp
    _______________________________|-(fused)-> Sub
    _______________________________|-(fused)-> M2-ATX

    c. gound: same but don't need to fuse


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      thanks so much for this!

      i will look into getting a power distro unit ASAP.

      in regards to powering the lilliput, i will test the wires with a multimeter. however how do i know which which wire to hook this up to on the lilliput power input? out of the two wires on the lilliput power input one has a long minus sign on it. i am assuming this is (-) and i hook this up to the wireless from the cig lighter which shows no current on it?

      thanks again


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        Use the multimeter to test the cig lighter wires. If the meter reading is positive, then the wire you connected to the positive of the meter is positive.

        This video may also help your understanding:

        Hang on....... the liliput normally comes with cig lighter adaptor.....