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Recomend a small AC-DC power brick?

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  • Recomend a small AC-DC power brick?

    I'd like to have a really small power brick on me. Often when I stop at a friends garage or camping I'd like to power my stereo, PC, aux lights, air compressor, e.t.c. from an AC wall as to not drain my battery (this is for a motorcycle)

    It should be capable of at least 10-12 amps, so at 12v thats 120-144 watts (Do any 12v power bricks output 13.8v)?

    Right now I'm using a stripped shuttle power supply but I'd like something smaller and mounted under the seat of the bike, I'll extend the power supplies power in jack and mount it to the outside of the bike for a quick plug in.

    Most of the wiring is done, for instance, the bike will not start if there is power running to the accessories from the external power supply (so I don't ride off while it's still plugged in)

    While I'm here, anyone see any THIN but long retracting power cords similar to the ziplinqs but much longer? It would be neat to just grab the cord and pull it over to a power outlet. I'm thinking 25ft should do it.