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PC randomly power cycles

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  • PC randomly power cycles

    I have a 2008 Ford F-150, and an M2-atx. I cut the wires on the harness and found the one that had +13v when the car was on, and 0 when it was off. I assumed this was the ignition wire, it is pink, and wired it to the M2. The computer works fine 98% of the time during short trips, but when I go on long road trips the PC seems to randomly power cycle. The motherboard is definitley receiving the "button press" signal, and then the PC is hibernating. Most of the time, the PC then reboots, but sometimes I have to pull over and restart the car, cuz I never wired an external button. This feels like it has something to do with the truck's ignition signal, but maybe it is the M2? Any advice would be appreciated.



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    So what does that pink wire supply power to? Did you bother to find out or did you just assume?

    One of two things: That pink wire doesn't supply +12v constantly with the ignition on. It could be like a dome light that stays on for a few minutes then shuts itself off with a delay circuit.
    That or your splice into the pink wire is flaky, so it loses contact periodially, such as over bumps or when turning.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Well the PC power cycles, not just shutting off, so it is not a delay circuit. This happens randomly on long road trips, no bumps, no turns. I soldered the wire, and I am pretty sure it is good, but maybe. You are correct that I just assumed, so I guess a better question is, does anyone know which wire to tap in a 2008 Ford F150, or any other late model Ford?


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        try here:
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