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  • Power supply recommendations

    Which power supply
    After reading the forum for a while and reaching a dead end.
    This is my first carputer so please bare with my ignorance
    System :
    zotac dual atom 330 ION motherboard
    4 GB RAM
    500 GB 2.5 HDD
    liliput eby701

    what im looking for is the right dc-dc regulator that can handle the above mentioned and power the bunch of usb & serial devices to be thrown on it
    currently im looking at the carnetix 2140 , opus 320 or the DSATX or are they an overkill for such a setup ?

    I would really value your opinions

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    The Carnetix units aren't well-suited to your motherboard.

    The DSATX or high-end Opus would work fine with that setup, but they are overkill, especially with the low-power Atom/ION board.

    Check the FAQs and learn why:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      i think that a m2-m3 should power it, but i am using a similar setup with a dsatx, and love it--no problems like the m series, and i figure that i have more reserve power before i need to worry about overloading the power supply.

      i beleive that the carnetix unit is for regulated power, and is not atx compliant(though i could be wrong) the dsatx has worked flawlessly in my setup, the only thing i don't like is the serial interface (i wish it was usb, and had a easy to use GUI). but so far, i have been able to get it to do everything i need without ever using the serial interface
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        then DSATX it is

        thanx for your response