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P2140 Not Outputting Power

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  • P2140 Not Outputting Power

    I didn't test my P2140 when I received it, and now I deeply regret it. I connected everything to my car, reconnected my battery, and tried to boot my computer-- nothing. Same deal for the screen. I noticed that a red light flashes when I plug in the connector, but that is all that happens. I tried hooking up a voltmeter to the input from the battery, and received 12 volts. Same with the ignition line. However, on the output, I don't receive anything for either the Mac Mini connector or the screen wires. I double checked my jumpers, and I think everything is jumpered properly (though I wasn't quite sure about ACPI, in the end I just left the jumper off). Did I get a bad supply? Is there anything else I ought to test? Is there some sort of setup procedure that I need to complete to get it working? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      Have you tried hooking the 2140 to a computer via USB? There's a software suite you can download and install from the carnetix website so you can see what's going on.