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Powering EBY701 from M4-ATX Problem

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  • Powering EBY701 from M4-ATX Problem

    I have the m4-atx set to normal psu mode and when i crank my car the computer starts up fine, except the monitor. The monitor is powered via the black and yellow 12v from on of the atx plugs. The black and white wire is connected to the yellow and the wire with words is connected to the black ground. Anyways, when the car starts the monitor is off, when i power the monitor on with the remote the monitor lights blink once then the computer cuts off. Shouldn't the 12 rail from the M4 be more than enough to power a 701. The only other thing on the rail is a 40 gig laptop drive. The monitor powered on fine with the cig lighter adapter or ac adapter.

    Please Help!!!

    EDIT : forgot to mention... my motherboard is a ZOTAC IONITX-D-E which has atom n330 and ION chipset. But I think the M4 should still be powerfull enough to handle the mobo, hard drive, and a 701.

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    Faulty PSU ? Thin wires... How far is the screen for the M4 ?
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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      the wire is bit length ( around 11 ft )
      the psu runs the computer fine with load


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        double check your screen is working using a DC plug.
        then double check the voltage on the output of the atx plug is 12V.
        then report back!


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          Check you monitor...

          I have a M-4 and I run a monitor (8" lilli) and 2 USB hubs (4 ports ea-7 used) as well as my hd zoom tuner. Not one hiccup with all that running on ONE molex connector. This isn't including MB, and 60GB laptop HD and one 3" cooling fan. I love my M4.
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