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Carnetix P1900 powering Mini-Itx Board

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  • Carnetix P1900 powering Mini-Itx Board

    Been a while but im back in the Car-PC market. Seems like I can purchase a complete Mini-Itx box for about $125! The problem is power. I purchased a carnetix P1900 back in January of 2007 (not sure if its version 1 or 2). I also purchased a universal laptop power supply which automatically adjust output voltage from 9-19v. So im reluctant to doling out another $90 for a M2-ATX (which would seem to be a nice perfect fit) when I already have (2) DC-DC regulators.

    So is there any way, and is it recommended to somehow mickey-mouse an ATX connector to the P1900 outputs? or The outputs of my laptop power supply? Or should I just try to sell the P1900 and get the M2-ATX?
    1998 Toyota Camry LE
    RR 11/2/2006,
    DELL Inspiron 4000
    Carnetix p1900