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Asus AT3N7A-I PSU Help

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  • Asus AT3N7A-I PSU Help

    Hi Guys,

    I'm about to build my first CarPC and I'm a bit confused about which PSU I need for it.

    It shouldn't be too power hungry, its just the Mobo and a SSD that it needs to power. But it needs a 4pin 12v supply for the CPU in addition to the ATX supply, none of the PSUs I've seen have this second output.

    I think I'd go for the 60w CarNetix PSU, but stuck about the wiring.

    That said, I have got an 80w PicoPSU that I bought for an earlier attempt, but it doesn't have the SATA connection I need. (Although could use an adapter) - but still doesn't have the secondary 12v input.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    First off, start peusing the FAQs:

    That board is an ATX-compliant board, so you really need an ATX PSU.
    M-series, Opus or DSATX are your options. It all depends on the features you want, your budget and how much space you have available.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      First off, start peusing the FAQs:
      perusing* :P

      But seriously, what he said. I personally have a m2, and it's worked great for me. Definitely get yourself a PSU with a shutdown controller built in.
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        The m2 still doesn't have the 4 Pin CPU power connector though?

        4 Pin, top right between the caps.

        Ah, I notice the DSATX has, that's spot on. - Although I don't need 220w! Don't they do a lower power one?

        The FAQ doesn't mention the 4 pin CPU power connectors at all btw...

        Update - do'h, just noticed the M2 does have the 12v CPU connector as well. Cheers for the help

        I presume with a M2, you don't need a power regulator like a P1290 then? You just wire the M2 into the car?


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          you could use something like this for the 4 pin connector:

          all atx compliant dc-dc power supplies just need to be connected to the battery-- they will regulate the voltage to the motherboard.
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            you need this for ATX power connetor (the board comes with only 2 sata cables):

            but will this board work with pico120 or 150w psu?
            (150w is even cheaper...)

            m2-atx is bigger and becaoming a rare find... is more expensive too...


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              I am using with my board only so that i can us it inside also then i have it connected to Carnetix P2140 for power. it is plug and play and works great. my setup is pretty much what you have
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