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how to flash m2-atx?

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  • how to flash m2-atx?

    does anyone know how to flash a m2-atx I was having issues so I emailed mini-box and the response I got was this file should fix your problem I hope you have the tools to do it.


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    Ive been thinking about this too, mainly to change the startup delay time. Do you think you could send me the source code file that was given for the M2-ATX? I came across a pic programmer, but couldnt find the source file for the M2's chip. If I figure it out, Ill let you know.


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      here is the fw file they sent me hope it helps
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        Try downloading a pic flasher program and see if you can figure out how to get it working (without actually flashing). Then if you decide to flash the pic, you can get a kit like this:


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          ok that works will start messing with it

          was that file what you were looking for?


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            Yea, that hex file loads into WinPic perfectly. But if there were parameters you wanted to change (such as startup delay, timings, etc...), then you would need some sort of source file I think.


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              well I took the hex file and the pic down to a instuctor t the local tech college and got them to flash it real quick for me however it now works but the mb on signal stays on instead of pulsing so i guess i will contact mini-box again and see if they will send me a new file