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Intelligent DC-DC PSU VS Inverter + PC PSU

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  • Intelligent DC-DC PSU VS Inverter + PC PSU

    This is my first project, so i kinda been stupid and ruched into buying things. I got myself Intel DG45FC + pentium dual core 2.6
    also power supply that looks like a clone of M2
    I didnt really do much reading about wattage and stuff (i know, i know... should have..) and now ended up with my pc shutting itself down randomly... which is quite odd. it can work hours first but after you turn it off and on again it starts playing up... i' havent tried it in a car yet i'm still in testing mode but using 13V 5A power adaptor.

    now the question i'd like to ask is - will i be ok with invertor + normal PSU in my car?
    any pros and cons for both choices?
    Because as it looks like the decent DC-DC psu would cost me much more than the inverter.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Startup and shutdown are going to be a pita if you go with an inverter. Some have managed to hack together solutions for this with relays but if your system hangs on shutdown after you walk away from the car you are going to come back to a dead battery.


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      random shutdown could be due to you power adapter not providing enough power.
      13V x 5 A is probably only enough to power the cpu alone, let alone anything else that might be connected.


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        Thanks for your replies!
        2Punky - That's what i thought, but strangely enough it works fine when you power it up first time, i stick usb drives etc. - works fine, only after i do shutdown or restart problem starts occurring. So i cannot figure out whether its psu or power adaptor... probably have to try it in a car and see.

        (to moderator)BY THE WAY! The link for "power supply calculator" in "Picking a Power Supply for your CarPC" post not working...