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PC Hibernates but then instantly resumes without me doing anything...

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  • PC Hibernates but then instantly resumes without me doing anything...

    I'm not sure if this is M2 related or Windows related..

    I have my CarPC set to hibernate when I turn off the ignition, which it does so, correctly..

    However, right after it hibernates when I shut down my truck, it resumes right back up into Windows... I'll then manually hibernate via Centrafuse and it will resume right back up again!

    However, when I shut down it stays shut down fine..

    Aren't there some settings in Windows for each device? Something like "Allow this device to bring Windows out of Hibernation" or something like that?

    I'm just throwing out ideas because I'm really at a loss..

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    A1-ATX Immediate Reboot ollowing hibernation

    Hi all, Brand new to the carpc thing and am currently building my first one for my Landrover Defender. I have the exact same problem on the bench. (Ignition off, PC goes into hibernation switches off then restarts straight away). I have been all over windows and in and out of the Bios.... not that i undserstand it all ; (

    If any one can shed any light on this one it would be greatly appreciated!



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      Are you hibernating with your front end covering up your Windows desktop? If so, you may be missing a little balloon that pops up right after your aborted hibernation attempt that says "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API." That's what mine is doing, but I haven't found a cure yet.
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        Also, mine does that but it's because Wake-on-LAN is enabled. Check to see if Wake-on-LAN, Wake-on-Ring (if you have modem), or some kind of scheduled task is enabled.


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          Go through each device in Device Manager and make sure that in the Power Management tab of Properties, the device is not set to be able to wake the computer. But that might only apply to Standby, not Hibernate.

          I never had the problem with hibernate, but I did have it with standby/sleep in Windows 7. First it was caused by a USB keyboard with integrated mouse, but even after disabling that it would often happen until I changed the BIOS to use S3 instead of S1 for standby (which I couldn't do at first, until a recent BIOS upgrade was released for my MSI IM-GM45 that would let the COM port resume on waking from S3 sleep so that my GPS would keep working). Of course S1 vs S3 is not an issue for you with hibernate, but just for other people to be aware of.

          You didn't mention what version of Windows you have, which does matter. You seem to have XP based on your profile, in which case you can't use the "powercfg -lastwake" command ( to determine which device is at fault.


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            Thanks gents for all your replies! I will go through them all and post the result.

            For info I am running XP SP3 however i have just made a XP cut down and am about to rebuild.....

            Many thanks again!


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              You guys are far too clever!

              In device manager I set the following:

              Power management settings for the keyboard and the mouse, I disabled " allow the device to bring the computer out of standby"

              The Lan setting were fine....

              Appreciate your help! Next its integration into the car