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First Time Newbie - DC DC Power Supply or Regulator?

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  • First Time Newbie - DC DC Power Supply or Regulator?

    WHat's the difference?? I want to build a Carputer based on a Core2 platform so i know i need a pretty hefty power source. What i don't know is anything about power.

    I see DC-DC power supplies and i see Regulators like the carnetx P series... i just don't know what the difference is though. Does the regulator also supply motherboard power, or is it to use with a regular power supply? Also, how does the whole thing get connected to the car's power? Is this right off of the battery via some 8AWG cable or does one use a cigarrete lighter adapter?

    I know i'm probably asking alot, but if someone could just explain very quickly the PROPER way to wire up a carputer, i would be very greatful.

    Thanks for shedding ANY light on this subject!

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    One more item to add: I bought a liliput 7" monitor that comes with a cigarette lighter plug; can this be powered off of the same "power supply" as my carputer, or do i have to always "plug in"?


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      COMPLETED! 02 VW Golf TDI 7" Eee PC Budget Build


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        Ok, very informative article. However, my question still lies.... if i want the least fuss and want a regualator/power supply, startup shutdown control, all in one unit, what should i buy? Keep in mind, money is not a factor here; i just want a reliable power device that will last through a few iterations and upgrades of the carputer.