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    Hi Guys,
    I'm currently planning a CarPC setup to go in in a months time, but I need my battery replaced this week, because it's shot. I'll be putting in an MCS Prebuilt (HERE) running off an M2-ATX, rarely run without the engine running. There is a non standard headunit, also acting as an amplifier, no dedicated amp, stock speakers and no sub. The engine is a 3.8L Aussie equivalent to a Chev, similar to an old Buick 3.8, and pulls a fair bit of power to the starter.

    I don't think this means excessive power needs, but I don't want to under-resource my car, nor do I want to spend bucketloads on an Optima Yellowtop if un-necessary, and I'd rather avoid a second battery.

    I need advice as to best battery selection. My mechanic is offering me an Archer Gel-Cell with 600CCA, 59AH, as HERE, for about $200 AUD, or a yellowtop Optima dry-cell as HERE will set me back about $400 AUD.

    Which is my best option price/requirement wise? Will a second battery be necessary?
    All advice appreciated. Sorry for blabbing on!

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    If youre not going to be running the system with the engine off, then I wouldnt worry too much about your battery choice. Just worry about whether the battery is big enough to start your car. When the engine is on, everything will be running off your alternator.

    I really dont see any point in running an expensive Gel-Cell for so much, unless you are going to be off-roading and there will be alot of huge bumps. You could just pick up a cheap convential battery from WalMart with roughly the same AHr and CCA rating for much less and it'll work just as good (as long as it's not in rough conditions).


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      Thanks for the help man. Ended up with a 600CCA battery. Should keep me safe.