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  • M1-ATX Troubleshoot

    Below are the systems I purchased last year:

    7 of : 10 GA RED AMP INSTALL KIT 200 WATT
    7 of : 512MB DDR2 DIMM PC2-5300 RAM
    7 of : Ampie Car Computer Case
    7 of : Daughter board for CF and Card bus Type I + II ADPCM
    7 of : M1-ATX 90 Watt - Smart Automotive Power Supply
    7 of : Major Brand 60GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive
    7 of : Microsoft Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2
    7 of : Notebook HD to IDE Converter 2.5" to 3.5"
    1 of : Panasonic Slot Load CW-8124 DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive 24x24x24
    1 of : Ultra Slim External Enclosure USB 2.0
    7 of : VIA C7 2.0GHz Processor Mini-ITX Express Motherboard J7F2WE2G
    0 of : VoomPC Ampie CarPC Enclosure
    7 of : XENARC 705TSV 7" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor w/ VGA & AV inputs

    I have two machines that are shutting off constantly. Occasionally, they'll magically turn on when their supposed to. I have 12V when the engine is running at all times on the red and white wires leading into the units and the ground is fine. I've checked the manual for the voltage that I'm supposed to have on the 20 pin connector. Can someone please confirm for me the voltage that I'm supposed to have at each pin. Also, if there's another way to troubleshoot the M1-ATX I'd like to know about it. Thanks in advance.

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    This should help:

    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Wow, that's great. You're the man. Let me look this over and back to. Thanks for your help.


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        I only have 5V on the PS_ON and 5V on the +5VSB purple wire. But when I plug in the 20 pin connector the computer turns on. But I don't have voltage on any of the other pins. What am I missing?


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          As it turns out, you need to have the 20 pin connector connected while testing for voltage. That was pretty tedious testing that way so I bought a power supply test from CompUSA for twenty bucks. Much easier. I now have power on everything except the ---5V line. Is this normal? I should probably mention that the J6 wire has no place to connect to on the tester and so I just left it connected to the mother board.

          Edit: There is no wire connected at the -5 V port on the 20 pin connecter. Therefore, the -5V light on the tester will be out.


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            I've searched and searched and searched and can't seem to find anywhere what power I'm supposed to have on each of the J6 terminals. Does the power go from the power supply to the motherboard or is it the other way around.

            I think this is the last thing I need to troubleshoot the power supply so if someone knows the answer I would appreciate him taking the time to reply.



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              Bump. I believe the J6 is the same voltage as the J8 on the M2.


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                This is still an intermitant problem. However I was able to troubleshoot it while it was happening.

                With the truck turned on and running:
                1.) I hookup the ps tester and got no voltage
                2.) I tested the white ignition wire and got 12V.
                3.) I tested the black ground wire and it ohmed to another ground.
                4.) I tested the red power wire and got 2V.

                So I unplugged the wire harness and checked the voltage in the plug:
                1.) I tested the white ignition wire and got 12V.
                2.) I tested the black ground wire and it ohmed to another ground.
                3.) I tested the red power wire and got 12V.

                Any suggestions?