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opus 180W or m2-atx?

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  • opus 180W or m2-atx?

    My setup is a via c7 1.5ghz, 7" lilliput eby-701, gps, and eventually obdII. I've found new m2-atx's from mo-co-so for $69.99 and used opus 180W power supplies for $50. Cost is an issue, but what would you guys do? I haven't found much on that particular opus power supply. But i've heard lots of good stuff about opus.
    I already have a 120w pico-psu but it needs a regulator and shutdown/startup controller, so is there even a reason to keep it?

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    PicoPSU isn't designed for vehicle use.

    Frankly, I'd go with a new PSU over a used one just for warranty & the ability to return a defective unit. Basically, you're assured a working unit, whereas you don't get that assurance with a used piece.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I bought the used opus on ebay for $50 i believe that it is actually the discontinued 150 watt opus, but a good deal if it works.


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        thanks for your response. those where my thoughts as well, but i've heard lots about how good opus are and was wondering if people thought a used opus that's cheaper would be better than a m2. I would prefer a new unit obviously.
        What are the differences (aside from the obvious size difference) between the m2 and m3 psu's?


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          i just ordered a m2 from mo-co-so.


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            i received my used opus and it is a 180 watt model not currently found on their website. They emailed me the appropriate docs when i contacted tech support with my pcb number. havent tested it yet.