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laptop ignition power up idea? flaws?

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  • laptop ignition power up idea? flaws?

    hi, this is my first post so i apologize in advance incase i sound stupid,

    i am trying to build a car pc around my old laptop and want it to start automatically with the ignition, ive searched for ideas on the forum but alot of the ideas sound very complicated and abit messy.

    im thinking of adding a remote power switch socket to the side of the laptop and use a timer relay activated by the cars ignition as the external switch.

    to get around shutting the laptop down with the ignition i was going to set the laptop power switch to do nothing while disconnected to the external power supply, and in the windows vista advanced power options set the laptop to hibernate once the low battery level has been reached.

    i think this would work but wanted to ask someone else incase anyone can spot something ive missed.

    thanks, Rob Sturrs