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    Hi all,

    Finally got some items (used ... but at least it is start)... however, I need some help figuring out these power lines.

    Basic setup:
    voompc with jetway, power is M2-ATX also have an external plug for home testing ... problem is that not sure how these wires should together
    I have been downloading and reading manuals to figure this out. However, some basic concepts are still escaping me ...

    I figured I'd bother you guys here instead of blowing up parts.

    Here are pictures for the puzzle. Comments are above the pictures.

    This is the power adapter cable. Dumb question but which wire is the ground?
    pure black or black with white strip?

    Note: molex connector from the M2-ATX ... simple enough on this side, but if I'm wrong could you point this out?
    red = positive (battery)
    white = ignition
    black = ground

    connector that plugs into the M2-ATX molex.
    should just fit on

    Ok here comes the fun part:
    1st picture is for a kill switch and the 2 is for a Y-splitter setup.


    1st question:
    Can the white wire (12v ignition) just tag into something like the cigarette lighter plug or should I find a more sturdier power source near the key switch? I do have an available power source on my engine starter harness.

    2nd question:
    I'm been staring at the wires for a few hours now and I'm really worried about just plugging up and blowing up something. At least with a radio you just fry a fuse ... not a mobo

    what I think I know:
    red (12v) goes to battery in some form.
    white (12v) goes to lighter or some other start on power source
    black -- ground.

    what I obviously don't know:
    Which wires go where to utilize the switch?
    Can I just plug the black/white black wires for the adapter to the molex from the M2?
    will need to know which is positive.

    Thanks and really sorry for the newbie stuff.