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    I came across this in the RS catalogue:

    Description: Converter, vehicle battery, 40W, I/P 12V, O/P 13.2V 3A
    RS Stock No. 243-1103
    Manufacturer MASCOT
    Part No. 8862 12/12

    Pricing Information EACH
    For quantities of 1 + 53.40
    For quantities of 5 + 51.14
    For quantities of 10 + 49.13
    For quantities of 25 + 47.00
    For quantities of 50 + 44.86

    I guess this would power a Mini-ITX system. I'm a bit rusty on electronics but would a simple potential divider do to get the voltage down to 12V - or maybe 13.2 is near enough?

    Are the better, off the shelf, power options available in the UK?

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    Well, for starters you need more than just a stable +12V output to get a computer running, you need

    +12V, +5V, +3.3V, -5V, -12V, +5V(standby)

    Additionally 13.2V 3A is only 39.6W which is not enough to power any system that has a decent processor in it. This would be borderline for powering a mini-ITX system as well. Keep in mind that even if the power requirements are lower than 40W, inrush startup current can nearly double the required power for starting the system which can easily exceed 40W.

    And at a price of $83USD that's quite hefty just for an intermediate power converter. You'd probably need 2 of those in order to get enough power, and then you still have to worry about downgrading the voltages to the required ones.

    Computer voltage levels tend to have around a +/-10% tolerance max, so +13.2V on a +12V rail would be ... borderline and not recommended.
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