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m2-atx-hv intermittently not sending boot single over J8

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  • m2-atx-hv intermittently not sending boot single over J8

    i have the power supply in and about 50% of the time it does not send the boot signal to the mobo through the J8 connection. so what happens is my mobo sits there in hibernation mode and i have to unplug the m2 from power then reconnect and it will then send the boot signal again and the mobo will start to post.

    does this mean the power supply is bad and i should replace it?
    is there a way to modify the settings so it sends the signal maybe a second later or a slightly longer signal?

    or do you guys have any other suggestions on what to test or try?
    maybe a suggestion on a better power supply?


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    the power supply still sends the signal to turn my amps on, that part of it seems to be working buy my mobo does not come out of hibernation unless i unplug the power supply then replug it in.

    i dont want to run a manual switch but i cant think of any other way.