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100W Power Inverter

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  • 100W Power Inverter

    Hi, I'm want to add a plug in my car, something small to recharge laptop, cell phone etc. I don't want to use the a cigarette lighter type but would like to hardwire it to my battery. What do I need to have this done?

    Thank you

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    its better not to change anything directly in the circuit of the battery


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      You need wire that is sufficient to carry the electrical load, a fuse of appropriate size to protect the wire and a means of attaching the wire to the battery terminals.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        In the trunk I already have a fused Distro block that has 4ga coming from the battery and four 8ga outputs. What size fuse do you recommend I use?

        Thank You


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          Whatever suits the cable you use to power the inverter.
          100W @ 12V means about 10A, so hence probably a minimum of a 15A fuse (if not 20A) to allow for inefficiency, surges etc.

          Remember - you are protecting the cable - not the inverter.