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Not really about a power supply...

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  • Not really about a power supply...

    ...but about a voltage regulator.

    Since good, clean power is always desirable, I wanted to ask those "in the know", with more experience in carPC's than I, about the possibility of doing this: I'm going to go "whole hog" on my next system (both PC and audio system), and I was looking at possibly going with THIS. (I ain't about to pay THAT for it, tho...)

    For the PC gurus: Would you run the power from this piece to the power supply of your PC? I'm going to be using a M4-ATX power supply, and I figure if this piece filters the power, and can maintain whatever voltage level you set it at (12v-14.5v, according to specs). It will allow an over-voltage condition, but not under-voltage. The piece supports up to 3000w of amplification, with proper setup, but I'm only looking to do a maximum of around 1500w, so there's plenty of power left to supply peripheral devices.

    Whattaya think?

    (and before ya ask: yes... I'm putting Sinfoni amps in the vehicle. Already bought one 4-channel, and looking for a second. )

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    The M4 doesn't require regulated voltage, so I wouldn't buy one of these solely for your M4.
    That said, it shouldn't be an issue if you hook your M4 up behind it if you intend to use one of these power conditioners for your entire system.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      You're right... I wouldn't buy it simply for the PC, as there are plenty of other (much cheaper) alternatives.

      I was going to use this with a pair of Sinfoni 120.4x amps, to get maximum wattage out of them (requires a steady 14.4v).