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good suggestion for high heat?

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  • good suggestion for high heat?

    I live in arizona where in car temps will get to an easy 130-140 in the summer. What would be a good suggestion for a power supply... im thinking of getting a sproggy kit (forgot where that guy sells them, can someone post link?) but im worried about cooling it. How well does it work with heat?

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    As long as you're talking about fahrenheight and not celcius, then you're fine. It would be a good idea to use a fan, and since I am assuming that you will be using an air conditioner while you're actually using the sproggy, try to put it somewhere in the passenger compartment where it can get cooled. It's rated to work up to about 90C (which is what the regs get up to anyway), and they have thermal overload shutdown anyway so you should be safe either way.

    The guy you're thinking of is Mastero from Roshan industries:

    However if you can wait a few days or a week (I'm in the middle of exams, studying hard can't you tell?) I've got a new design coming out with a shutdown controller built in a many improvements to make it easier to build and cheaper (well, cheaper before the addition of the shutdown controller)... I'm sure that he will be able to make you a board and partial components package for this one as well.

    He also says that he is 95% done his new version, but it's been that way for a while now and I haven't heard any new news, so I don't know when he'll be done it.
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      Telek .. hey hows exams going hope well ...

      Please change that web site address to

      Also as for the Mk2.9 .. to busy with work .. so its on hold for a while .... working to get the more juice on the 12v line ....

      Shall keep you posted.