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Asrock P4S61 Mobo and M2-ATX

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  • Asrock P4S61 Mobo and M2-ATX

    Hey all, first time poster short time reader

    I'm in the process of building my first carputer and have butchered the mobo out of an old computer i had lying around. Its an Asrock P4S61. I was planning to use a M2-ATX PSU to provide power but honestly, do not know if it will work. I have no idea on how I need to choose a sutible PSU for my build.

    I have based my opinion on the M2 because the Mobo is IDE and the M2 provides IDE power cables.

    Its going to be running 1gb DDR2, intel P4, and 64mb onboard graphics and onboard sound.

    So, will the M2-ATX work with this setup?

    Feel free to direct me to the correct area if this has been answered